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Where Did All the Salt Shakers Go

L.A. Taco, June 2023

Making a Racquet

Racquet Magazine (print), Winter 2023

Binge Watch: On Performing Excessive Eating in Art

Art Papers, December 2022

Episode 214: Synthetic Remittance (writer + researcher)

DarkNet Diaries (podcast), September 2022

Newfangled Balls, Please

Racquet Magazine (print), Fall 2022

The Sitcom Actor (photographer)

Hobart Pulp, April 2022

Doireann O'Malley: Floating Worlds Apart

Art Papers (print), Winter 2022 

How Both Paris Hilton and Martha Rosler Satirize Domesticity

Hyperallergic, September 2021

Bleeding Out: On the Use of Blood in Contemporary Art

Art Papers (print), Fall 2021

Artists Reimagine How Covid-19 Will Shape the Art World, February 2021

Coders Who Survived Human Trafficking Rewrite Their Identities

WIRED (print), May 2020 issue


I Stopped Using Exclamation Points and Lost All My Friends, February 2019

A Family Nuclear Legacy, Etched in Silver, January 2019

Grande Arrival: The Year Digital Native Pop Stars Took Over, December 2018

When the Baby in Family Photos Is Actually Made of Silicone, November 2018


Giant Family Portraits With Vladimir Putin, September 2018


This Photo Was Made With Radiation From Vintage Dishes, May 2018

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